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Pet Boarding and Day Care

Sep 26, 2021

All cat condos have 3 living spaces – exercise, sleeping and litter area. They each have a nice big window which looks out over the office spaces upstairs not at other cats.

The 3 door access means your cat doesn’t need to be disturbed if they want to hide away. There are vertical spaces, great ventilation and hidey holes which makes for happy cats.

All condos can be interconnected both horizontally as well as vertically, so cats from the same family can be housed together, or separately if desired.

We can house up to 6 cats, each with their own litter & feeding areas.

The front balcony off the cat boarding room is netted in, meaning our boarding cats can have access for some fresh air & to stretch their legs. We rotate this access between the cats boarding so each of them will get some “outdoor” time.

Those cats who require daily medication or specific diets are welcome to board with us, and all boarding cats must be up to date with current vaccinations.

For enquires, please phone reception on 9999 2269

Local Boarding kennels close to the Mona Vale area:

  1. Cat Cabana (cats only) – Terrey Hills – 0414 268 163
  2. Small Paws Pet Hotel – 413 Killawarra Road, Duffy’s Forest – 9450 1579
  3. Sydney Pet Boarding – 412 Killawarra Road, Duffy’s Forest – 9450 1783
  4. Barnstone Boarding Kennels – 91 Thuddungera Road, Duffy’s Forest – 9450 1160
  5. Hanrob Pet Hotels – 1 Bibbenluke Avenue, Duffy’s Forest – 1300 426 762
  6. Ingelside Pet Resorts – 11Cicada Glen Road, Ingelside – 8355 7388

Non-local Boarding kennels for Dogs (with pick-up & delivery services)

  1. Akuna Pet Resorts – (02) 4930 4452 – Hunter region
  2. Pet Resorts Australia – (02) 9651 1747 (Dural), (02) 4367 1200 (Terrigal) – They also offer high quality dog obedience training services

Alternative options (in no particular order);

  • Don’t Fret Pet – 1300 307 021 – Sydney wide. Offer to place your pet with a family
  • Moggie and Doggie – 02 9913 2585, 0414 507 022 – Northern Beaches area. Offers to place your pet with a family. Can organise house-calls for feeding/walking.

Day Care (in no particular order)

  • Canine Kindergarden – 02 9970 7074 – In North Narrabeen. Also offers dog obedience training & grooming services
  • Total Dog – 02 9999 5559 – In Mona Vale. Also offers dog obedience training & grooming services
  • Doggie Day Care – 02 9905 4011/0434 263 541 – In Brookvale. Also offers grooming services.

With any boarding options please remember:

  • Book early for popular times of the year – Christmas/Easter/School holidays
  • Vaccination requirements may vary and they need time to be implemented

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