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History of Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital

Sep 26, 2021

In the Beginning

Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital was first established in the late 60’s, with the practice originally being located in nearby Darley Street. For a short time the practice was located at 1620 Pittwater Road, before settling at its current location in Park Street in 1987. Th purpose built veterinary practice was constructed under the guidance of Dr Vera Pickering who has worked within the practice since then.

The Growing years

As our clientele increased (both human and animal) so came the need to increase our team of veterinarians and nurses. As our number increased so did the breadth of our knowledge and skills and therefore the range of services and treatments we could offer to the local pet community. This required renovations to the building during 2008 to increase the layout of building and enable a bigger workspace for the veterinary team.

In early 2102 Dr Anne Graham, Dr Jenny Wingham and Dr Alison Halloway took over mangement and ownership from Dr Vera Pickering of the Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital.


The practice now has 6 veterinarians with a veterinary nursing and support staff of 8. Collectively the team is made up of a skilled, experienced and professional veterinarians and veterinary nurses who are proficient in providing extensive veterinary medical, surgical and additional services.

What we do at MVVH

Our purpose built vet facilities have an extensive range of diagnostic equipment to provide the highest quality pet medical, surgical and nursing care to our companion pet patients, superior service to our clients and a safe and enjoyable environment for our vet team.

Our Wonderful Team

Meet the professional and caring members of our vets, nurses and admin teams at the Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital.


Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital takes our customer satisfaction seriously. We also appreciate any positive feedback you would like to share with the rest of our pet community about our services rendered to your pet.

In The Community

Mona Vale Veterinary Hospital plays an active role in the local Northern Beaches community. Through its care for native wildlife, support for Guide Dogs NSW/ACT and the affiliation with the Australian Reptile Park Funnel Web Spider Anti-venom program.

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