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Family owned & operated veterinary hospital providing care to pets & wildlife of the local community.

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22 Park Street Mona Vale, NSW 2103

(02) 9999 2269

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Monday – Friday : 8am - 7pm

Sat : 8:30am - 2pm

Northside Emergency Veterinary Service After Hours Emergency

(02) 9452-2933

335 Mona Vale Road Terrey Hills NSW 2084

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Frequently Asked

Why should I bring my pet in for regular veterinary visits when he/she is healthy?

Part of this is regular veterinary health checks (wellness checks) in which one of our vets performs a full physical examination to ensure that everything is working how it should be and to tailor a plan to ensure that everything stays that way!

Bringing your pet in for an annual wellness check can help reassure you that your dog or cat is healthy or help us detect hidden diseases or conditions early. Early detection can improve the prognosis of many diseases, keep medical costs down, and help your pet live longer.

Where is your clinic located?

We are conveniently located Park Street in Mona Vale shopping village, next door to Flannery’s and the Mona Vale Medical Centre. We have our own dedicated carpark for our clients.

Do you offer any payment plans?

We request that you pay for services, medications and other goods provided or dispensed at the time of your pet’s visit. If you have any questions about our payment policy, please feel free to ask.

What do I do in the case of an emergency and your clinic isn’t open?

If your pet requires veterinary attention, or if you would like veterinary advice, please call Northside Emergency Vet Service (NEVS) on (02) 9452 2933. At anytime when we are closed they are open & fully staffed, with excellent vets & vet nurses on duty. They are located a short distance away at 335 Mona Vale Road, Terrey Hills – just near the fruit market at the intersection of Mona Vale Road & Forest Way.

If you are heading to NEVS from Mona Vale, you will need to turn right onto Aumuna Road where Terrey Hills Tavern is. Then turn left onto Myoora Road, and follow this along until you get to the fruit market intersection. Then turn left back onto Mona Vale Road, where NEVS driveway entrance is about 200m on the left.

What’s the best way to schedule an appointment?

Please call 9999 2269 to book a convenient appointment time, or use our online appointment scheduler to request a date and time.