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Our Pricing

We pride ourselves on setting a pricing structure that enables us to give your pets the best treatment we can when in consultation with you.


General Consultation Appointments Include:

  • Professional Consult
  • A full physical exam for your pet
  • Full history on your pet
  • Advice on treatment and products
  • Careful and thorough record keeping

Vaccination Appointments Include:

In addition to the General Consultation Appointment your pet’s vaccination appointment will also include

  • High quality vaccine
  • A full physical exam for your pet
  • Discussion with you regarding your pets general health care including:
    • heartworm
    • dental care
    • skin care
    • worming
    • flea and tick control
    • advice on products
    • advice on nutrition

Surgery and Hospitalisation Estimates:
Prior to undertaking any surgery or hospitalisation, we will always endeavour to provide you with an estimate prior to your pet being admitted into our hospital.

In the case there is a significant increase in cost during a procedure, we will endeavour to contact you to inform you of the new estimate and receive your understanding prior to proceeding. ** 

** In the case of an emergency, where your pet requires immediate treatment or hospitalisation, estimates may not have time to be given.

We also offer alternate pricing structures when appointments include 2 or more of your pets seen at the same time, for repeat visits after surgery or hospitalisation, short consults, extended consults and out of hours consults.



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